Get Started with Exceptional Design

People judge books by their covers, especially when that book is a website. Get Started on the right foot with a beautiful website.

At BeeYond Technology we know that the credibility of your whole business is dependent on many factors, the first of which is your websites look and feel. If it doesn't match the end users ideas of what your business should "feel" like you'll lose business immediately. We don't want anyone to miss out on important business so we start with a stunning design that suits your brand.

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Managing a Website Should be Easy

When business is good nobody has time to manage a website. That's why we start with a brilliant Content Management System.

There are several exceptional CMS out there like Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal and we can help no matter what you've been using for your website. We do love Wordpress though, and mostly because what we build in Wordpress is amazing websites that make it easy for you to manage, even when you're busy. Engage your customer today with an interactive (& Responsive) Website,

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Getting Noticed is EVERYTHING

Why spend money on marketing if you aren't getting business out of it? Business need to be noticed. SEO comes first at BeeYond Technology.

SEO should never be an afterthought and it should always be in the top 3 most necessary conversations to have when building a website. SEO is as optional as getting noticed which is why we include everything you need to get in good with Google right from the start. Your website will be optimized, your relationship with Google built and you won't see a single additional charge for any of it.

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Quick Service Matters, even online

Speed, reputation, ability to grow with your business, reliability & uptime are mandatory when hosting your business online.

We don't believe anyone should have to choose poor quality, low budget products just to save money. We have been around for over a decade researching, using and implementing services and products that work the BEST for ourselves and our customers. This stands true for our Web and Email Hosting solutions as well. Not only do we take care of migrating you over (FREE) but we also offer a 1 month free trial. Best part is, we have the best prices around!

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Make an Impact through your BRAND

Showing the world who you are isn't easy to begin with, but without a brand to help with recognition and generating good feelings...

Worry no more! We have just the graphic designer to help you! Creativity, experience and a wealth of knowledge and technology at his fingertips you are sure to get the brand you've been looking for. Through an integration of your ideas and dreams and our vision and experience your brand will put your best foot forward. Getting recognized is easy, making the splash on your grand entrance is what we do best.

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Connect, Engage and Grow

Social Media is one of the top places search engines and consumers are looking to see WHO your company is! Are you engaging with them properly?

We know that getting started online is hard enough, and that maintaining everything on top of it is stressful and time consuming. With our Social Media Management Services we can take care of a lot of that stress for you by building your social media brand and engaging your audience with fresh content, likes, comments and even messages for you. While we are managing everything we can train you on how best to manage things as well as provide an abundance of tips for you on best practices online.

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Our Process is Simple

1. Discover

We always start by discovering who you are and what your business most has to offer so that we can provide a perfect plan for moving forward.

2. Plan

We take the discovery info about your business and build a plan for your Website Design, SEO or other services required.

3. Implement

Plan in hand it's time to implement your changes, update your website, and start getting noticed better than ever!

4. Measure

Measuring your success is necessary to see our success and to identify ways we can better the next run of changes.

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100% Canadian Made, Canadian Owned and Canadian Run. We are PROUD to be CANADIAN!

Located in Kingston, Ontario

We got our roots in Kingston, Ontario and personally service the entire 401 Corridor from Toronto to Ottawa!

Everywhere else still gets service, but it becomes electronic and phone based outside of that zone.

Canadian Datacentres

We primarily use only Canadian Infrastructure, from our Datacentre to the transmission lines themselves.

We do this so our fellow Canadians have a fast. secure and encrypted setup for their website, backup and email needs.