Our Services

Web & API

If you have needs that aren't covered by basic, free or paid plugins or have an API to integrate you need our Web Development service. Affordable custom programing starts here.



If your company has needs to reach a larger audience for your products or services and wishes to engage users on their mobile devices in real time the Mobile App Development service is for you.



When you need to wow your end users and engage with them in visually stunning presentations online the utilize our professional W3 compliant Website Design service and knock their socks off.


Search Engine

Let your clients find you when the time comes for them to shop at your business or get more information on what you have to offer by using our SEO service. Get indexed on Google!


Web & Email Hosting

If you don't have the time or knowledge necessary to handle all the issues that can go wrong online and need steady, reliable hosting then our Web Hosting services are perfect for you. We take pride in ensuring a 99.999% uptime and providing fast SSD based servers with datacentres here in Canada, the USA and even abroad if you are have international needs.

From shared hosting & VPS to Dedicated Hardware we have something for everyone. Contact us today about switching and save with our free consultation and migration services!


Logo & Brand Identity

First impressions are everything and maintaining that professional image extends far beyond the original design. That's why we have the very best graphic designer around. Don't take our word for it, ask for a consultation and we will share his amazing work so you can see for yourself.

We also have amazing prices and a full service print shop at our fingertips so we can provide next day delivery for most of your printing needs. From business cards and banners to specialty papers, labels and other promotional gear. Ask today for our first time member exclusives.


Working Process

No matter what your project is, whether it be a simple hour of help with as sticky problem on your Wordpress website to a full out custom design and development project, we utilize the same 4 steps to ensure success.

It all starts with "discovery". This is where we look at your projects needs.
Then some in-depth 'planning' where we visualize and weed out any more needs or potential issues.
Next we 'implement' our strategies, designs and build/rollout your solution.
Finally we test and 'measure' how well everything is working.

Don't forget APPROVALS!

Between every step there are approvals that are communicated back and forth to ensure nothing is done without being understood.


We strive to keep our clients aprised of changes and in our fully managed setups we take the time to keep core software up to date including the latest in HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL to name a few.

Using the latest technologies decreases the chances of data breaches and other security issues as well as keeping things running quickly ans smoothly. All our servers provide the very latest in software for use by all our clients.

Contact Us to Learn More

All our servers are secured against DDOS and other Brute Force attacks and we firewall everyone to ensure safety and security for our clients and yours. Find out more today about how we protect you.

Past security we keep things running smoothly with state of the art hardware including the use of SSD drives, multi-thread processing and a perfect balance of memory to CPU. We are constantly upgrading things to keep you ahead of the curve.