Search Engine Optimization

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What is SEO?

SEO is the method by which your website will be ranked by Google (and other search engines) and indexed (placed) in their search results. It is a process that starts on your website and extends to both Google and offsite back-links you'll build (or we will) with social media and other sites. It is a long process that will continue as long as you have a website. It is NOT a set it and forget it solution, although our initial run of SEO tends to bring significant and long lasting results.

Why Do I Need SEO? I'm already ranked!

The biggest reason you'll need SEO is because it isn't a one shot fix. Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithm to be able to provide you the best search results to your queries every time. Your position may be decent right now but it doesn't mean it will stay what it is, nor does it mean it couldn't be better. If Google and other search engines are changing the algorithms constantly then the success you had a year ago may not be bringing you results any longer. Keeping your SEO up to date with technology and changes is imperative to holding a good position in the search engine rankings.

What Does Getting Started with an SEO Plan Look Like?

At Beeyond Technology we first make sure the groundwork is laid for a successful indexing of your pages. This starts with us building the framework on your website through research into proper keywords for your business, adding & configuring necessary plugins, and building that relationship with the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and MOZ.

Once that is complete we apply all the rest of our first level SEO tasks on your website content and make sure everything is ready for indexing. When that step is done we submit it all to the search engines and start measuring your initial results.

Why Measure?

Measuring your success by monitoring your Analytics (Yes, we set that up in the initial run) we will truly know the value of your new website, or updated SEO. We will also be able to identify weaknesses and start expanding on the Keywords we use in your website. We can see roughly how much money your new initiative so measured ROI is not only possible but it's what we aim for.

Beyond the dollars and cents we need to be able to see the successful keywords that are driving traffic to your website and identify any negative keywords that may be costing you money in ads or wasted clicks. We use the results of these measurements to determine the best (& least expensive) steps to take to maximize results and get you that #1 spot you so vitally need!