We pride ourselves on making even the most complex custom development an easy process for our clients.

CMS Updates, Integration’s & Installation

Our Web Integration, Installation and Update packages offer website owners an easy way to get the technical stuff taken care of quickly and stress free. Whether you are looking to have a custom API setup, a new plugin installed and configured, an eCommerce solution setup or just want to make sure that everything keeps running smoothly and securely then this service is for you.

Custom Integrations

Some of the installations we take care of on a day to day basis include things like Stripe, Square, Paypal and other Payment Gateways. On the other end of the spectrum there are Web API to integrate booking software's for salons and spas, server management systems for cloud backup and server provisioning and even online web portals like ERP and CRM systems to help you do better business.

Component, Plugin and Module Installations and Configuration

We even take care of the little things that most people don't understand (or don't have time to do) like sourcing, researching, installing and configuring plugins and components in leading CMS software to expand the core functionality so that a website can grow with a business like it's meant to. After all, there are so many factors to consider when selecting the best software for your purpose you really can't afford to get it wrong.

Getting Setup

Installation is one thing but configuring everything to successfully function the way you intended it to is another completely. Even the so called "simple instructions" are Greek to more people than not. With this service you don't ever need to worry about getting it right the first time and you don't have to have a web developer on staff to do it.

Keeping Your CMS, Plugins and Components Up to Date

Content Management Systems like any application for any computer system, hardware component or software require constant updates.

Why do they need to stay up to date?

A content management system is a framework type application for the web. Not only does it have to contend with regular updates of hardware systems such as servers, networks and infrastructure and browsers but they also have to contend with the millions of attacks from bots and hackers around the globe.

Beyond being a framework application it also is the host software for many third party plugins and apps which opens a plethora of chances for hackers to infiltrate and control any aspect of the installation and even reprogram or install their own software on it.

Each time a vulnerability is found developers patch and update the applications to ensure that there are no "open doors" for hackers to take advantage of. It is still up to the end user to recognize that there are updates and to backup, install and sometimes reconfigure those plugins and systems to function again the way they were intended to.

Let's face it though, who (other than a web developer) has the time or knowledge to ensure there is no downtime and that their website updates will go smoothly and won't negatively affect the website. Well, the answer is not many people who are running a business or a successful website. In fact most people don't know enough about websites to manage anything beyond their content and if they do, they'd rather someone else took care of it so they could better spend their time and ensure they stayed secure, online and doing business.

That's why our web maintenance program is perfect for everyone. From beginners to super busy webmasters we have you covered.