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We Have Your Hosting Needs Covered

At Beeyond Technology we know Servers. We understand hosting and how everything effects a website and applications on the web so we made sure while building our solutions that they're everything you need to succeed. From the Basic Shared Plans to the most Advanced SSD Cloud Hosting Setups we have what you need on the web. We even have an add-on that provide management of your web hosting account to give you an edge where you might not have one. Let's face it, not all our clients are web designers and developers. Many are people looking for the best solutions for their company without all the overhead of having a professional manage their web presence. No matter what solution you need, we can provide it for you and welcome your questions should you get stuck or not understand the technical jargon below.

Optimized Security

We offer solutions to ensure every level of your server and web application is protected which in turn helps ease the burden on hardware by offloading and distributing it across a network of servers. Antivirus & Malware Scanning, Web Application Firewalls, Mitigated DDOS Protection and Blacklist Monitoring and Removal are just some of the way we help. To find out more about our security products and services and how we can protect your web applications click here.

Optimized Software

Due to the high I/O of Database communication it is important to ensure servers are setup and optimized to ensure that traffic has a large enough throughway for packets to flow. By ensuring the lanes are large enough to handle the magnitude of database requests and responses we help speed up communication between your website and your visitors.

Distributed Network and Caching

We can easily sum up this entire topic with one word. Cloudflare. We utilize the Cloudflare network to help protect your website and distribute and cache your content to ensure your website is online ALWAYS, even if the network is broken or a server goes offline for maintenance or repair. With Cloudflare's patented self healing cloud network your website will load faster than ever before.

Shared Hosting

Wait, what's a shared hosting plan?

All basic (or inexpensive) hosting packages at all the big brand hosting companies are shared plans. What this means is that the hosting company's setup servers in a shared configuration using a control panel like Plesk or CPanel and anyone hosting on those servers is using the same resources like memory and power, space and bandwidth as well as IP addresses and mail servers. Essentially this makes it difficult to get the speed and security you need to get ahead.

Why should I choose a Shared Plan then?

If cost savings are extremely important to you and you don't have heavy needs for bandwidth or resources then Shared Servers are fine but if you want a hosting account that is yours and you don't mind paying a little extra then you could consider VPS and Dedicated Server Solutions which would be a much better fit for most people in the end. In some cases, like here at Beeyond, hosting companies take extra care to make sure Shared Hosting accounts are as secure as possible but there are always issues that many people don't know about because they're host may not be telling them. Things like limitations in scripting languages, limits in memory and processing power, limits in access and even risks like blacklisting of your mail server IP which would make sending emails almost impossible. No matter which way you choose to go Beeyond Technology is able and willing to share our knowledge with you because we think you should be able to make positive and informed decisions regarding your web presence.

Our Shared Plans

The Basic Shared Plan

Our basic shared plan provides 1 GB of space and 10 GB of bandwidth, 5 Email Accounts and much more. You will of course be limited in some aspects like script timeouts and power, access & database limits and a few others but if you require more robust solutions down the road we have lots to help you and we will migrate you over for free with any upgrade. Want to try it out? Sign up for 1 Year and we'll let you try out your new account for 1 Month free.

The Business Shared Plan

Our business shared plan provides Unlimited space and Unlimited bandwidth as well as Unlimited Email Accounts. This plan is perfect for the business owner who doesn't want to worry about limits impacting anything. There are still a few limits like script timeouts and power but if you require more robust solutions like a VPS down the road we have lots to help you and we will migrate you over for free with any upgrade. Want to try it out? Sign up for 1 Year and we'll let you try out your new account for 1 Month free.

Bonus! We use CloudFlare Technology

Our shared plan also uses CloudFlare Technology to help you serve your website faster, reduce security issues like hacking and to help protect against known hack methods and lack of patching in most instances. CloudFlare is the leader in distributed DNS technology and is a perfect pairing for our hosting accounts. We also include server side scanning and fire-walling to help keep your accounts secure and fast.