Sue from Sutton – Graphic Design
February 22, 2018

"HBI Labs Inc is an industry leader and well regarded in the beauty and nutrition world. With the HBI Labs Inc portfolio of products, living a healthy and beautiful lifestyle is easier than ever."

HBI Labs Inc was founded from another project of ours that blossomed into something bigger, bolder and better, just like they help their clients succeed.

HBI Labs Inc services many facets of the body building and personal fitness communities and needed a robust solution that could offer them an easy to manage way to sell their products, ebooks and training course as well as capture the SEO they need to be on top. This also includes building a huge online social community where they can share blogs, videos, images and reach their very massive audience.


We chose to build on Wordpress for it's modular design and the fact it has amazing SEO capabilities. Right out of the box we could address so many items that wqere on the wishlist for HBI Labs Inc.

Beyond the initial build there were custom needs for API integration with their fullfiulment company. Through coding a custom plugin that could communicate with the fulfillment companies API we were able to provide a cost effective solution to their needs.

From initial branding by Cam to a site design that matched toa site that provided sales, SEO and ease of use to being able to quickly and effectively sell and ship products while maintaining access control for different arms of their business we did it all. The design, the build and tools needed to build the following they need for continual growth and sales necessary for them to grow.

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