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October 29, 2019
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February 22, 2018

Make Your Wedding “Uniquely Yours” with David Vowles

David is actually one of our best clients! He has 2 separate businesses we've built for him online. This is his Wedding Officiant business and is one he wanted to target for immediate sales and work.


David didn't have a huge budget to spend on this, his second website, so what we did with this site is clone his original https://uniquley-yours.ca site and update the design, content and info. This helped save the initial setup costs incurred with any build and cut more than 50% out of the cost. (Yes, we do multi-site cost savings for our clients!)

Once the build was complete we needed to get him making money fast so aside from our Basic SEO package we set David up with Google AdWords and optimized a campaign for him. We had him start with a budget of $100/month to get a metric on what kind of traffic he could expect and what dollar amounts were reasonable to get noticed.

Following up with David soon after launch of the ads he had reported several contacts looking to book weddings with him and he is now off and running his very successful Wedding Officiant service!

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